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Insurance Billing - Rates

Attend Therapy, a licensed clinical social worker

Insurance Billing

Currently, we are in network with Aetna, CalVCB, Cigna, Medicare, and United Healthcare. Covered members pay an average copay of $25-$30 depending on insurance. Please check your insurance coverage; your final copay may vary based on your coverage. If you have insurance with a company we are credentialed with, we will contact your insurance company to verify your mental health coverage. This can take several days to get authorization from your insurance company. We do our best to notify you of any charges prior to your appointment. If you do not see your insurance company, please check back. We will be adding additional insurance companies as we become credentialed with them. Contact us for more information

Cal VCB or Victims of Crime in California
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United Health Care

Our Cash Rates:

The fees are $150 for 50-55 minutes with a therapist.
EMDR sessions or other sessions or crisis work that extends beyond the 55 minutes are $250. (A maximum of 110 minutes)
$100.00 For any letter required to be written on your behalf. Insurance will not cover this service.
We do not offer a sliding scale.
We do not offer animal support letters.
Group sessions are $20 per session per person

Fee Policy

All fees are expected to be paid in full prior to each session. Attend Therapy accepts cashiers checks/money orders, major credit cards, personal checks and can be made by contacting our Administrative Assistant.

Appointment Cancellation and No Call/No Show:

We adhere to a 48 hour advance notice cancellation policy. You are expected to pay for your session if you do not cancel within 48 hours. Insurance does not cover this cost. Our cancellation fee less than 48 hours is the same as the cash session rate.

Session Length:

Group sessions are a minimum of two hours with a maximum of 6 people for group.
Therapy sessions are between 50-55 minutes per session.

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